The Philippines, where we are currently based, is known to have a deeply rooted influence of male dominance. Despite the fact that Filipina activists and previous female leaders (and current leaders) of our country have helped pave the way for feminist progress, sexism still seems to be an issue here in our everyday lives. As women, we are put into such constraining standards. In Tagalog, “Babae kasi,” or “Kababae mong tao” translates into “No wonder.. She’s a woman,” and “You’re a woman and yet..” These phrases weigh heavy for us and are quite discouraging.
It’s not too late for improvement and it's not too late to teach genderless respect in this beautiful, gracious country of ours.
That being said, we’re not here to talk about unequal rights or the gender pay gap. Having personally seen women in the Philippines being mistreated and some getting the short end of the stick is actually the main issue. Conclusively, these circumstances are what influenced us to establish WMN.
WMN represents evolution. It is a campaign that highlights women and young girls who continue to feed their focus, while fearlessly being their most raw, authentic selves. We are here to promote inclusivity, diversity, and most importantly PROGRESSION.
The idea is to demonstrate those who have gone against the grain--We want to talk about YOUR story, whether it is about your journey with your career and how you want to make a mark in your respective industry, or whether it is about simply raising awareness and speaking YOUR own truth.
WMN is a platform--a safe haven--where women from all walks of life can express their views and feel comfortable enough to discuss significant barriers, experiences, and challenges to their success or in life in general. 
What steps did you take to get to where you're at and how hard did you work your ass off to be the woman you are today?