Our Story

Though originally from California, THREADS + THINGS was inspired by living in the beautiful tropics and kicked off in January 2018 in Manila, Philippines. We love the idea of being surrounded by mesmerizing beaches, being under the warm sun, sipping on fresh coconut juice, and everything else that comes with the simple, alluring island. With this in mind, we wanted to actualize such a concept through our simplistic designs.

Though it may just be swimwear on the surface, there is more to our swimsuits and garments; These pieces hold weight and represent fearlessness and power that we have in ourselves. It takes guts to simply put a bikini on, and as long as you are confident in yourself then who gives a f@#% what anyone else thinks?!

 At THREADS + THINGS, our mission is not only to encourage women to embrace and appreciate their bodies, but to also highlight the capabilities, talents, and super powers of all women and girls across the globe.

We want to continue to build a brand that accentuates femininity through composition—one that embraces the complexities of being a strong ass woman—and to create a brand that continues to represent and empower such a graceful gender who is the all-knowing half of humanity.